This story is about you

“This is not a story about Borgo Egnazia, this story is about a person.

This person works 12 hours a day, all week long, and he has the responsibility of many people on his shoulder, this person has a wife and children with whom he would like to spend more time, enjoying themselves, he would like to have a romantic dinner on the sea with his wife and play on the beach with his children, but this is not possible during most of the year because he needs to work and manage different situations.

This story is about a family that finally has two weeks to spend together and they discover a place where they can leave the stress out of the door and they can live a fantastic experience together, discovering a different culture which traces its root in a genuine way to live and where the people have an innate sense of hospitality. A place made with white stone but surrounded by colours, the green of the olive’s trees, the blue of the sea, the brown of the ground and the orange of the sunset. A place where this family can enjoy the day altogether but also a place where the children can play with other children and the couple can live a romantic moment with a dinner on the sea or an aperitif on the roof. A place lost in time where this family can rediscover and regain themselves.

This place is Borgo Egnazia and this story is about you.”



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