Borgo Egnazia breeds stories like Nowhere Else.
And we want to treasure them.

Places are like chests overflowing with life, and life is made of stories. They may be small, huge, personal or widely popular, but they are always worth sharing. Borgo Egnazia is a place especially vibrant with stories, as people from all over the world come here to fulfil their wishes, follow their dreams and indulge in their humanity. Good and fond memories are constantly shaped here. So we have decided we should build a special place to collect them. Nowhere Else Stories is such a place. We will be gathering the stories submitted by you, your fellow guests and our authors, and visitors will be able to read them, leave a comment or share their favourite pieces across their social media of choice.

Tell us your own story

And so, we want you to tell us your story, to recall your experience at Borgo Egnazia, to become a major tile in our ever-expanding and living mosaic.
There are no constraints: you can share long stories, brief anecdotes, memories, videos, pictures, recipes, anything that made your stay unforgettable and worth telling.

Submitting your story is easy. Just fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. Please choose a location for your story and specify if you wish to have your name included or remain anonymous. You may also upload a picture or a video. Once finished, press the “Submit” button.
Alternatively, a special Nowhere Else letter form is available in your room during your stay at Borgo Egnazia. Once your story has been laid out, put the letter in its envelope and post it through the Nowhere Else Stories letterbox placed in Piazza Don Cataldo.

Whatever is your preferred method, you can write in any language of your choice. All contributions will be reviewed by our editorial team and, once your story has been proofread and validated for publication on the Nowhere Else Stories website, you will be notified by e-mail. Please note that, to prevent the chance of abuse, in exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right not to publish unacceptable content.

A history of stories

We believe that Nowhere Else Stories will allow you to grasp the full depth and breadth of Borgo Egnazia and hopefully have you cast a different look at things on your next stay.

However, our ultimate goal is to build a history of Borgo Egnazia from all of your Nowhere Else stories. This is why we guarantee they will be saved and kept for 100 years: so they can become a legacy for the future generations of travellers and guests.

But that’s not all of it. Every year, the best Nowhere Else Stories will be collected in a special printed Collector’s Edition book, available in rooms and in Borgo Egnazia’s library. A copy of which will also be sent to each one of the selected best authors.

Tell us your story.

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