Precision Medicine makes use of a complete and rigorous screening with advanced genetic and lipidomic tests, followed by a rigorous investigation of internal, clinical and instrumental medicine. Predictive medicine makes it possible to determine the risk profile of each person, to carry out appropriate preventive interventions, as well as to select the best therapy, dose and treatment time. The aim is to obtain a precise clinical framework, which may facilitate the diagnosis and identify a personalized therapy, as well as a prevention plan.

By Functional Nutrition we mean a diet that protects the organic functions, thus improving the functioning of the organism. It means treating the pathologies in progress, protecting the patient’s general state of health, restoring the energy of youth and achieving healthy longevity, as well as obtaining the ideal physical shape. Most of the diseases that the world population is suffering from today (metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, cancer) are linked to a wrong diet and the related consequences, including overweight and obesity.

Proper nutrition can change our present and future life. Genetics is relevant in the course of our existence, but the effect of food affects the ability of our genes to express themselves and changes our destiny. In summary, functional nutritional intervention is a therapeutic strategy, also aimed at preventing the onset of diseases, thanks to hormonal control and modification of the action of genes (nutrigenomics).

The benefits and objectives are essentially three:

1. treat the pathologies in progress;
2. enhance the patient’s general state of health and form;
3. prevent the onset of diseases for which the patient is predisposed.

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