Through this media lab, divided into 2 modules, we will learn the secrets of drinking well and some new combinations, in order to create some of Bar del Portico’s famous cocktails.
Dario Gentile, Beverage Director of Bar del Portico, with his extensive and passionate experience for everything spirits and cocktails, combined with a deep knowledge of our Puglian traditions,
will lead us through the selection of aromas and flavors in the art of mixology.

Starting from the preparation of some signature cocktails we will discover the origins of these drinks and how they have been influencing drinking culture over the last few years.

First Course: Basic mixing techniques – pre dinner and long drinks

Learning how to measure, pour, stir and shake using real bar tools to create your semi-professional bar at home. Astound your guests as an amateur, but with a professional touch.
We will present and prepare 2 cocktails which embody Puglia in their taste. Fresh long drinks right for any hour of the day and pre dinner cocktails,
a symbol of the Italian aperitivo culture, including international cocktails that have influenced drinking culture throughout the years.

1 Hour 

Second: After dinner

Behind every cocktail there is a deep study of the base ingredients, combinations and preparation: 3 iconic cocktails with Puglian soul suggested for after dinner, deeply rooted in our region because of their origins and ingredients.
Secrets and tips, technical and theoretical, to create tasty and balanced blends and learning which spirits are the most appropriate in order to obtain an excellent outcome.

1 Hour


One to one Live lesson

1 hour: 75€ 

Live Group lesson

1 hour: 85€

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